Monday, June 6, 2011

Countryside Village

Another wonderful and warm show at Countryside Village this past weekend; great crowd and nice area.  My husband and I were both showing our work; I had both glass and paintings and he had photography. The picture is of my new tent and propanels...the set up for both mediums in one tent was a challenge but I was pleased with the ways it looked so I thought I'd show it off. This weekend I'll be showing a variety of paintings at the Omaha Summer Art Festival including much larger pieces.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Solvy Scarf

I saw a cool summer scarf project at a local fiber store a few weeks ago and thought it would be the perfect reason to haul out my dusty sewing machine.  You can see in the picture below, I've gone a bit nuts for them because they are so fun to make. These lace like scarves are made of bits of fabric, string, yarn, roving - really pretty much anything goes - and a disolvable fabric. You sandwich the materials for your scarf between the disolvable fabric and stich until you've covered the entire length of your scarf. Then, rinse the item in water. The disolvable fabric disappears and you're left with a loose woven scarf.   Very cool!